There’s nothing worse than coming home to discover a leak or drainage problem, which is why Plumbit-UK is one of the fastest responders in Hertfordshire. We're always close-by to make sure your home is bank on track in no time. Whether you're dealing with a small drip, puddle or flood in your house, we will be on the case to ensure a speedy and thorough solution, leaving your home dry and cosy and you with peace of mind.



When your home has a water leak, you need a plumber fast! Leaving a leak unattended will only get worse and is likely to cause an incredible amount of damage to your home especially if it is inside your home. When water runs down your walls and through your ceilings it will result in some decorative restoration but serious what leaks are known to cause far more structural damage and worse if electrics are involved. We know how to solve the problem on the first visit and investigate when the leak is coming from. Plumbit-UK are expert plumbers that can get to you within the hour to resolve your emergency. 


Blocked toilets can be unpleasant and distressing household or office experiences and need to be resolved quickly and hygienically. We will work quickly to rectify the problem with the right plunging equipment and work to identify and resolve the problem. But sometimes blocked toilets can indicate more serious problems, we will always carry our a basic inspection to identify the root cause and suggest the most appropriate action.


Blocked drains are disgusting and can be very unpleasant to deal with. We can unblock your drains fast using our drain jetting machines and plungers to make sure your drains and sewers are free flowing. It's hard to tell how drains become blocked, there are a variety of different ways, from fats and oils being poured down sinks to leaves being washed into gullies. Some blocked drains can be more serious than others causing structural problems and could have a long-term effect on the safety of your home. So don't hesitate if your having problems with your drains, get in touch with us today and we will do our best to get things flowing free again


To help clear drains from fats, sludge and the most stubborn of blockages, we use a high pressure water jetting machine and electric snakes. The high water pressure breaks down the blockage and flushes the drain clear, making your drains almost back to new. There is no damage to your drain pipes whilst being cleaned and it is extremely efficient and cost solution to your blocked drains!


Emergency blocked drains or damage waster pipes can be one of the most unpleasant and potentially dangerous experiences to encounter at your home or commercial property. This can blockage can be cause by anything from oils, grease, build-up of fats to structural problems like a tree root damage; the most important thing is to have the blocked drain or pipe cleared as soon as possible. Don't hesitate get in touch today and we will be out to help with your blockage within a hour.